Wayne Rooney And His Team Receives Support From The Legend Star, Pele

Football Legend Pele

Wayne Rooney along with England’s full team have got support from the football legend Pele; Image Credit: Wikipedia

Pele who is the legend of Brazilian football wants to see England make a progress and go past the group levels in the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. He also said that he will give Wayne Rooney the first priority if he was to choose the starting XI players of every match.

In a total of 8 World cup appearances, Wayne Rooney who is the striker of Manchester United has not been able to net. This into turn has resulted to lots of allegations and claims that he should not be included in the starting team.

Pele on the other hand is confident that Rooney will have a key role as far as playing for England is concerned. Placed in group D with the likes of Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica, Rooney is expected therefore to help his team reach later levels of the world cup.

Pele ho is now aged 73 years when being interviewed said that although the group in which England is in contain big team, England have the chances of qualifying for the knock out stages and later on Round 16 stage.

Pele who during his time was able to clinch world cup titles said that the world cup tournament usually take a short period of time hence those players that are very much experienced seem to do extremely well.

Pele further says that despite Rooney not being able to score in the previous world cups, he is that player with very much potential to bring change to England team as a whole. It is with these reasons that the former player of England is eagerly waiting for the 2014 FIFA World Cup kickoff.

He says that he is much excited and hopes for the best even though they have some political related issues. Pele says that it is football that has been able to promote Brazil reaching to the level it is today.

Pele says that corruption and political situations currently in Brazil are not what they ever wish for. He believes that besides all this challenges, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will go on very well.

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