Uruguay vs England: Live Stream Online, Match preview, Prediction

Uruguay vs England Live Stream

Luis Suarez missed the first match and might be featured in the match against England; Credit: wikimedia commons/Kev Ruscoe

The 22nd match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament that is ongoing will have Uruguay playing against England scheduled on 19th June at Arena Corinthians located in the Sao Paulo city. The match starts at GMT -3 Brazilian time.

This is one of the must watch match in the group D as it comprises of the world cup favorite teams. Both the two teams are aware that any loss in this match will reduce their chances of making it to the next levels of the summer tournament.

The teams will be fighting for a chances in the round 16 stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Both the two teams have lost in their opening match. With this in place, the match is expected to be one of the toughest one ever.

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Uruguay suffered a major blow during their opening match as Costa Rica a team it was facing defeated them. This came as the unexpected defeat. This is a team that has players of the highest quality and meet the world standards.

With this loss, the group D teams have almost equal opportunities to make it to the next stages. In this whole tournament, Uruguay is the team considered to have the potential of making it into the final stages of the tournament.

Uruguay however may have had their morale boosted and will showcase the best of their football experience in this match. To win the next match, the team under the leadership of Diego Forlan have to make tremendous improvements as they definitely have no time.

He believes that the upcoming matches, Uruguay has the potential of winning including their clash with England. Defeating England will need working smart.

The Roy Hodgson men lost in their opening match when they played against Italy. Despite the loss, Italy performed impressively. The young and talented players of England performed their best despite most of them lacking experience with the international tournaments such as the ongoing world cup.

Hodgson and his team have been a centre of focus for months now and they had their hopes high of performing very well.

England as a team are desperately in need of the 3 points which can only be achieved by defeating Uruguay. Any other kind of results that may arise will shutter the dreams of England making it to the next level. The team will therefore handle Uruguay with much care with victory in mind.


Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan are the two players that Uruguay will have to direct their attention to this match. The duo have got enough skills that when used well will be an advantage to their team. They performed well in their previous match despite losing.

England have all their eyes on Wayne Rooney, he will be the savior of the team in the match against Uruguay. In their clash with Italy, the Manchester United player showcased the best of his skills scoring a goal for England. Ross Barkley is another player who will play a key in this match.


10 is the total number of times the two teams England and Uruguay have faced each other. 4 of the 10 matches were won by Uruguay while England won 3. The remaining three matches ended up in a draw. Uruguay have a total of 13 scored goals while England got 10.


This is going to be a do or die match as both the team fight to secure the three points. The match however will end 3-2 in the favor of Uruguay.

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