[2014 World Cup] Honduras vs Ecuador Live Stream, Match Facts

Honduras vs Ecuador live stream

Watch Honduras vs Ecuador Group E Match live stream at 6.00 pm ET; Credit: fbi-bet.com

The 26th match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament that is ongoing will have Honduras play against Ecuador. The match is scheduled on 20th June at Arena da Baixada, a stadium that is located in Curitiba city. The starting time of the match will be GMT -3 Brazilian time. Let’s Watch Honduras vs Ecuador live stream online.

This one of the most important match of the two teams as far as keeping their participation in the summer tournament lively. Both the teams lost in their opening match of the world cup.

This means that both the teams have to win the remaining matches in order to make it to the group of 16. The match will definitely be a tough one as both the teams work for the 3 points. Click on the below banner to watch Ecuador vs Honduras Group E match live steam online in HD.

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MATCH PREVIEW: Honduras come to this match as a disappointed team after they lost their first match of the world cup. France proved to be too strong for the team and hence defeating them was totally impossible. The team suffered a major blow after one of its player received a red card hence playing the rest of the match as 10 man squad.

Honduras seemed to be very confused as they even scored an own goal during the second half of the much. In order to perform well in this match, Honduras have to totally work on their mistakes. Luis Suarez who is the manager of Honduras has a lot to put in place so as to increase the possibilities of scaling to the latter.

There is less time remaining before this match kicks off. The team may use this match as a wake up call as long as it avoids repeating the mistakes they did in the last match.

Ecuador in their first match played an impressive type of football. They did their best and the game ended in a 1-1 draw. The team has got a lot of players who if work together will be a great weapon against Ecuador.

Reinaldo Rueda who is the manager of Ecuador has got much confidence in his squad as far as winning the 26th match is considered. The major part that Ecuador have to seriously work on is its organization structure.

This was the only factor that affected them most in the opening match. The team after correcting their mistake will have the potential of securing victory over Honduras. They however need not to look down upon Honduras.

HEAD TO HEAD: 13 is the total number of times the two teams, Honduras and Ecuador, have faced each other. 8 out of the 13 matches ended up in a draw, Ecuador winning 3 while Honduras winning 2. The two teams have 27 goals in total with Honduras netting 13 while Ecuador 14.

KEY PLAYERS OF THE MATCH: Jerry Bengtson and Carlo Costly are the two players who will play a very important role in the 26th match of the ongoing summer tournament. The duo have the best skills in the team and have to make use of them to the optimum.

Ecuador on the other hand will have to rely on Felipe Caicedo and Enner Valencia. The two players are reliable and when they combine their skills, they will be a strong pair for Ecuador as a team. They will be used to revive the hopes Ecuador as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concerned.

MATCH PREDICTION: From the history of football, the two teams have been barely unseparatable. However at the 90th minute the score line will be 2-1 in favor of Ecuador. So, let’s just watch the match and see what actually happens!

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