Watch Greece vs Ivory Coast Live Stream World Cup 2014

Greece vs Ivory Coast Live Stream

Ivory Coast in 2014 FIFA World Cup; Photo By: Björn Láczay

Greece vs Ivory Coast:- The 38th match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is underway will have Greece facing Ivory Coast, the African superstars. The match is scheduled on the 24th of June at Estadio Castelao, a stadium that is located in Fortaleza city, Brazil. GMT -3 is the exact Brazilian time the match will start off.

This is a very interesting group C match that you have to watch. The match will determine the fate of Greece as far as making it two round of 16 level is taken into considerations. You can click on the below banner live link to watch Ivory Coast vs Greece live stream online.

Ivory Coast vs Greece Live Stream Link

It will also be of benefit to Ivory Coast since a win will give them an automatic ticket to the next levels on the 2014 summer tournament. Both the team will have to put all their efforts in them match as it is also the last match of the group they will be playing. Don’t miss out.

Greece vs. Ivory Coast: World Cup Match Preview

All has not been well with Greece in the ongoing FIFA World Cup. After losing to Colombia 0-3 in their opening match, they only managed a barren draw against Japan. The team’s defense plan has not at all worked to their benefits.

For this team two qualify for the next level of the tournament, it has two win against Ivory Coast and hope that Japan fails to win when they play Colombia. However, the above conditions are too hard to be full filled and the team therefore has to go an extra mile is winning is their subject.

Securing victory with a 3 goal difference is a next to impossible task for the Greek team. This being their last opportunity to showcase the best they can do at the world cup, Greece will put in all the necessary measure aimed and securing victory when the match comes to an end.

The team has got a lot of players who are of high quality and will have to work together for this common goal. But sincerely. The task ahead isn’t easy at all cost.

The African based team, Ivory Coast has had a mixed type of performance at the tournament. The team when it played against Japan secured victory but things turned upside down when they faced Colombia which hammered them 2 goals to 1.

This means that the match ahead of Ivory Coast is very crucial as it will be used as determining factor as far as the round of 16 level is taken into considerations. Sabri Lamouchi who is the boss of Ivory Coast says that with 3 points in store, the team has got high chances of making it to the next level.

He says that the best footballer from the team, Didier Drogba has the potential of pull surprises to the team. He insists that he will trust the superstar in the remaining matches.

Greece vs. Ivory Coast: Best Players Of The Match

Konstantinos Mitroglou and Georgios Samaras are the two players who will play very key roles in this match more so if winning is the subject of the game. The pair have the skills that when well used will be beneficial to the team.

Ivory Coast on the other hand will have to depend on Gervinho and Wilfred Bony as far as winning this match is concerned. The duo players are the best combination aimed for victory.

Greece vs. Ivory Coast: Other Sides

From the previous football history, the two teams have never played against each other and hence this is going to be their first time of facing each other.

Greece will keep on their disappointing spirit in this match. This will in turn be the greatest opportunity for Ivory Coast to book a place in the round of 16 level. At the 90th minute, the score line will be 3-0 in favor of Ivory Coast.

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