World Cup Group D: Uruguay vs Costa Rica Match Live Stream, Match Previews, Prediction

Uruguay vs Costa Rica Live Streaming

Watch Uruguay vs Costa Rica Live Streaming Online

Uruguay will face Costa Rica in the 6th match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is scheduled on 14th June at Estadio Castelao located in Fortaleza. The two teams are in group D of the summer tournament, a group that is said to be fatal. Uruguay is a team with the potential of making it to the next stage.

Their counterparts, Costa Rica are in great problems, they have lesser possibilities of going beyond the group stages. There hopes are close to be unrealistic as far as beating Uruguay and secure even a second slot at the group. They real have to work an extra mile so as to fulfill their set goals and dreams.

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Uruguay vs Costa Rica: Match preview

Uruguay as it comes into the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it has Copa America championship title in store, and this is a tournament that was carried out in the various countries across the South American region. With that you must admit that their morale for the world cup is much higher.

They do want to come and reckon. The two friendly matches they played against Slovenia and the Northern Ireland were all won. Their opponents did not even manage to score a mere goal hence showcasing their ability to be at the world cup genuinely.

The team has got very many players that are of high quality and they will for sure put Uruguay where it belongs. Oscar Tabarez who is the boss of Uruguay is confident that they will outsmart Costa Rica during their opening match.

Costa Rica on the other hand seem to be the group D underdog. From its history of football, they are known to outdo these big teams and Uruguay being one of them is included. When Coasta Rica qualified for their first world cup tournament in 1990, they finished in the second position at the group level.

They defeated both Scotland and Sweden and lost only to the kings of football, Brazil. When it comes to the warm up matches that, Costa Rica did not do well. They were defeated by Japan, 3 goals to 1. When they played the Republic of Ireland, they ended up in a 1-1 draw.

This however should not make you thinks that they will easily be defeated by Uruguay. Costa Rica is going into this match with their heads high knowing that Uruguay is not just a mere team.

Uruguay vs Costa Rica: Key Players Of The Match

When you talk about Uruguay, the first superstar to come into your mind is none other than Luiz Suarez. The Liverpool player is one of the best star that the Uruguay had planned to depend on. They however received a setback when Suarez suffered a knee injury that lead to a minor operation.

Tabarez however says that there are high possibilities of Suarez being in the starting seven of this match. Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan are the other key players in this match. The duo when joined by Suarez will for a very strong defense team.

Costa Rica’s high hopes are directed to Bryan Oviedo who is said to be a very dependable player. He is known to cause trouble wherever he is on the pitch. Although he is considered the best by Costa Rica,he will have a very impact in this sixth match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Uruguay vs Costa Rica: Head To Head Matches

Eight is the total number of times the two team have ever played against each other. Of thee 8, Uruguay have won 6 and the other two just ended up in a draw. The total number of goals scored by the two teams are 23, Uruguay on the lead with 15. Uruguay is in the 7th position while Costa Rica 28th as per the FIFA World Ranking.

Uruguay vs Costa Rica: Match Prediction

Costa Rica will have no option but to surrender to Uruguay. The game will end 3-1 in favor of Luiz Suarez side, Uruguay. No more talking, let’s just watch Costa Rica vs Uruguay live and see who wins and who lost.

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