Townsend, Tottenham Striker Optimistic For Roy’s Selection

Andros Townsend

Andros Townsend, English Footballer

With just 54 days into the 2014 FIFA World Cup, England which is part of the 32 national teams that qualified for the summer tournament has been under microscope watch.

As Roy Hodgson prepares to unveil the 23 man squad for Brazil this summer, Andros Townsend who currently plays for Tottenham seem to be in competition for a place in the squad.

The Tottenham winger showcased his great performance during the qualification match when they face Montenegro and Poland late last year. He was praised as he led his national team secure the 2014 FIFA World Cup ticket for Brazil.

The 22 years old star had the above matches as the first international matches to ever play. He has however this year been out of sight due to an injury he suffered in December last year.

Townsend is however focused and determined to be back on track for his club, Tottenham where he can showcase his ambitious dreams to be part of the England squad that will be unveiled on 10th May.

When talking to London Evening Standard, Townsend said that he previous qualification match performance should be a kick start to something great. He said that he wants to play for his country always especially at the World Cup level.

He does not believe in the one hit man wonder. Townsend said that playing in Brazil this summer will be one of the dreams come true which he says is an ambitious thing for every country boys.

He further said that the qualifiers’ final matches were the greatest opportunity to him. Townsend is in stiff competition with the likes of Raheem Sterling and Alex Oxlande Chamberlain.

He however said that he admires the performance of the Liverpool and Arsenal players respectively.

He said that the duo makes him a better player as he looks upon them though has to work extra hard in order to get that golden chance. Andros in this current season has scored 3 own goals and 1 assist goal.

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