The LOC Management Board In The Final Preparation For The World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup Preparation

Brazilian Fans For The 2014 FIFA World Cup; Image Credit:- Peter F.

We are having less than 50 days to the kickoff of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that will be held in Brazil. This is the time when the final preparations are being made aimed at making the upcoming event a success.

It is with this reasons that the Local Organizing Committee LOC management Board held a meeting in Rio de Janeiro in order to make evaluation in the final preparations as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Jerome Valcke who is the Secretary General of FIFA in the press conference that followed said that they had discussed the completeness of the 12 stadiums and their readiness to host the world cup.

Valcke visited Fortaleza among other stadiums that will host the FIFA Fan Fest that will be held in Fortaleza city. He also said that the people of Fortaleza were very much excited about the Fest as it will be one of the important event for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

A list of test events scheduled to be held in the stadiums of Brasilia was provided by Ricardo Trade the CEO of LOC. Among them is the National City since it only hosted one game during the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

On Saturday 26th April, competitions, safety, volunteers, transport, spectator services, sanitation and waste management operations were tested in Arena Pantal when it hosted a clash between Vasco and Luverdense in the Serie B games.

Ricardo also said that the government of Brazil had gone far beyond to have investment in the training infrastructure in the total 73 facilities of sports.

The calendar of LOC test event as discussed in the Friday meeting is as follows, on 3rd May, Natal will be tested, then Cuiaba on 7th May, Porto Alegre on 10th May, Curitiba on 14 may, Sao Paulo on the 17/18th May and finally Brasilia being tested on 17th May too.

The meeting also brought together a total of 2000 managers who will have the responsibility of planning operations like technology in order to have a smooth running of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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