The FIFA World Cup Tour Now In Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour

2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola; Photo Credit:- Coca-Cola South Africa

Finally, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour that was being headed by Coca Cola came to an end yesterday with just 51 days to the kickoff of the much waited summer event.

The Tour which was being sponsored by Coca Cola had been going across the members countries of FIFA in order to bring it closer to the football fans across the world.

In a total of 221 days, the FIFA World Cup Trophy managed to pay a visit to 89 countries and arrived in USA last week. This was the last destination before the trophy could head to the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosting country.

In the USA, the trophy went around from Washington DC which lies in the east coast of the country. A lot of events connected to this trophy happened at the USA state department that involved youths that came from Boys and Girls club of America.

Joe Biden who is the Vice president of USA, John Kerry who is the Secretary of state and Julie Biden who is the winner of FIFA women’s world cup and Olympic games were some of the VIPs that were present during the activities.

Cobi Jones who is to date the record holder when it comes to stars and stripes appearance where he featured in 164 games between 1992 and 2004 was also present.

The other events that were associated to the FIFA World Cup trophy tour were held in Miami and also in Atlanta which is the headquarters of the sponsor, Coca Cola.

The final celebration of the trophy before leaving for Brazil was held in Los Angeles that hade very many football fans attending. The Trophy which is now in Brazil will be paying visit to a total of 27 cities within a period of 6 weeks.

This is aimed at bringing the require excitement as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concerned. The Visits will officially start today Tuesday 22and April in Rio de Janeiro and end up at Sao Paulo which is the city that will be hosting the opening match.

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