Susic Believes He Qualified Into Bosnia’s 24 Man Squad For The World Cup

Tino-Sven Susic

Bosnian midfielder Tino-Sven Susic thinks he’s been included into 24 Man Bosnian Squad just for his qualities, not for his uncle

It has always happened in the FIFA World Cup seeing players that have been coached by either their relatives that is fathers/ father-in-law’s. I am talking about the likes of Milton Viera, Paolo Maldini, Niko Kranjcar, Dusan Petkovic, Sergio Aguero, Mark van Bommel, Michael Bradley and Viadimir Weiss.

The list will have to be enlarged as there is a new entry by Tino Sven Susic. The international start was featured in the 24 man preliminary squad for Bosnia, a team that is headed by Safet Susic who happens to be an uncle to Tino-Sven Susic.

Susic is one of the best players who is well skilled and has an advantage of his left foot. The start who is a midfielder of Hajdul Spilt is well built with the technical gift of having control over the ball. Last weekend, Susic scored for his club a goal that was indeed stunning.

This is when they faced Osijek in the Croatia league tournament. The Bosnia manager said that after having two successful seasons with his club, Susic excellent performance and qualities are the ones that made him secure a place into the 24 man squad.

The Bosnia manager said that so far that was the list of 24 best players from Bosnia and understands that the critics more so those who did not feature in the squad will lament as part of their disappointments.

Bosnia is the lucky national team since Tino-Sven has duo citizenship for Croatia and Belgian. Susic left his country of birth and was committed to the country that adopted him since his tender age.

When he talked to FIFA, Tino-Sven said that he has a strong Belgium attachment though the rest of his family trace their origin from Bosnia. He therefore said that choosing to play for Bosnia was the right decision that he made.

He said that he has to prove the fact that he made it into the Bosnia’s squad was not because of the relationship they have with the coach but is through the work he has done.

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