Steven Gerrard’s Family Absence Improves His Performance At Major Tournaments

English Football Superstar Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool and The England National Team’s Midfielder; Image Credit: vi.wikipedia

Steven Gerrard is a player who finds it hard being away from his family when out playing football. He however this round admitted that in the major tournaments he has participated without his family, there has been an improvement on his performance.

The England captain will be leading his national team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This is his third world cup to ever participate in and has been part of the European Championships for a total of 3 times.

The 34 years old superstar says that the tournaments do always worn out his physical and mental state. It is for these reasons that Gerrard decided not to have his family when out at this international tournaments.

Gerrard who plays for Liverpool in the midfielder position said that being away from his family is not that easy for him. From the past experiences, Gerrard has been able to find out that these tournaments do not need one to have his family accompany him.

Gerrard says that other players do find it comfortable having their families around but to him it’s a kind of distraction. Gerrard said that he is not meant to offend Alex his wife but he finds it hard to entertain the 3 kids they have after having been in the pitch the whole day.

He said that rest is vital more so in preparation for the next game. Gerrard said that he has to sacrifice close to 8 weeks of his family life though will be able to get in touch with his family through Skype or even FaceTime.

This is likely to be the last world cup for Gerrard and hence a very important time in his while football career. Gerrard says that this is what he has been dreaming of since his tender age.

He said during an interview that this upcoming summer tournament is the greatest opportunity where lots of experience is gained. He said that as a team, they are going to do their best in Brazil and not just enjoy the beauty that the country has.

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