Complete List Of Stadiums For 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

It is the turn for the well-known football country to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and it is the second time the country is hosting the event since its formation.

All the way from the north basin of Amazonia to the south, River Guaiba banks, lie the 12 stadiums that will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup this coming summer. Let’s have a look at the stadiums and what fans are expecting from them.

Arena de Sao Paulo (Arena Corinthians)

On a plateau in the south east of the Atlantic coast, 792m above the sea level is Arena de Sao Paulo. It is found in Sao Paulo city and has a total seating capacity of 65,807 and will also be the new home to the Corinthians. It is in the GMT -3 hours’ time zone and 269 miles from Rio.

Arena de Sao Paulo

Arena de Sao Paulo Stadium

Arena de Sao Paulo is among the largest stadium in Brazil and South America at large. It will host a total of six 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches including the opening match between Brazil and Croatia.

Estadio Mineirao (Belo Horizonte)

Estadio Mineirao location is surrounded by inland mountains from Sao Paulo and Rio. The stadium is listed among the national monuments of Brazil. It is 800m above the sea level, opened in 1965 and then February 2013 after renovation and has a total seating capacity of 62,547.

Estadio Mineirao

Estadio Mineirao Stadium

Its climate is dry and warm though a bit cool in the months of June and July. The stadium is 278 miles from Rio and GMT -3 hours’ time zone. It will host a total of 6 matches of the World Cup.

Estadio Castelao (Fortaleza)

Estadio Castelao is located in Fortaleza, Brazil’s north east coast that has 16 miles under beaches. The stadium was opened in 1973 and then reopened in January 2013 after renovation. It is at the sea level and -3 hours GMT time zone.

Estadio Castelao

Estadio Castelao Stadium

The surrounding temperatures reach up to 30c throughout the year. Castelao stadium will host 6 of the 64 world cup matches.

Estadio do Maracana (Rio de Janeiro)

Estadio do Maracana is found along the coast of Atlantic that nears the Tropic of Capricorn, Rio de Janeiro. It was opened in 1950 and reopened in June 2013 after renovation was completed. The stadium is at the sea level, -3 hours GMT time zone and has a seating capacity of 76804.

Estadio do Maracana

Estadio do Maracana Stadium

It will have 7 of the 62 matches of World cup being played here including the world Cup final match.

Estádio Nacional de Brasilia (Brasilia)

Estadio Nacional is another stadium that is located in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil in the central highlands. The stadium was opened in 1974 and later after renovation reopened in May 2013. It has total of 68009 sitting capacity, -3hours GMT time zone and 724 miles from Rio.

Estádio Nacional de Brasilia

Estádio Nacional de Brasilia Stadium

The climate around is fairy warm and dry with June and July as the driest months of the year. 7 FIFA World Cup matches will be played at this stadium and it is the most expensive stadium of the 12 one with its renovation costing about R$1.2bn.

Arena Pernambuco (Recife)

Arena Pernambuco is found close to the equator and in the tropical rain forest on the Atlantic coast east of Brazil, Recife. It was opened in May 2013 and its location is at the sea level. The stadium can hold a total of 44248 spectators and it is located 1426 miles from Rio.

Arena Pernambuco

Arena Pernambuco Stadium

The climate of this area is generally wet. Pernambuco will host 5 World Cup matches this coming summer.

Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador)

Arena Fonte Nova is located 1008 miles from Rio in Salvador which is the north east coast largest city. It was officially opened in 1951 and after the renovation reopened in April 2013. The stadium is at the sea level and has June and July as the coolest months of the year.

Arena Fonte Nova

Arena Fonte Nova Stadium

It is in the GMT -3 hours’ time zone, has a 48747 sitting capacity and six World Cup games will be played here.

Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

Arena Pantanal is 1201 miles from Rio with a total spectators capacity of 42968. The stadium is located at the centre of South America near Bolivian Border and 165m above the sea level.

Arena Pantanal

Arena Pantanal Stadium

It is yet to be completed although scheduled to host four of the 64 world cup matches. The climate around is hot and is said to be the home ground of Mixto and Operario local clubs.

Arena da Baixada (Curitiba)

Arena da Baixada is 523 miles from Rio and has a total sitting capacity of 41456. The stadium was opened in 1914 although currently under renovation and scheduled to be reopened soon. It is 920m above sea level and located South of Sao Paulo.

Arena da Baixada

Arena da Baixada Stadium

The stadium is the home ground to Atletico Paranaunse and is scheduled to have 4 matches of world cup played here. Its climate is cool with low temperatures.

Arena da Amazônia (Manaus)

Arena da Amazônia is located in Amazonas state, Manaus city and 2659 miles from Rio. The stadium was built originally in 1970 but was demolished in 2009 to allow new stadium constructed. It is 72m above the sea level and 42374 holding capacity. It will host 4 world cup matches.

Arena da Amazônia

Arena da Amazônia Stadium

The stadium was built in a design structure that resembles the indigenous woven basket, a product that is known in this region and was imported from Portugal. The stadium is in the GMT -4 hours’ time zone.

The surrounding climate experiences tropical heat and storms with an 80% humidity in June. The Arena Amazonia construction employed reusability of materials that were gotten from the old demolished ones.

Arena das Dunas (Natal)

Arena das Dunas is 1612 miles from Rio and located between Recife and Fortaleza. It is 45m above sea level with 97% humidity in the middle of June. The 42086 sitting capacity stadium will have 4 world cup matches played there.

Arena das Dunas

Arena das Dunas Stadium

Estadio Beira-Rio (Porto Alegre)

The last stadium is Estadio Beira-Rio is located in Porto Alegre and 982 miles from Rio. The 48849 capacity stadium was opened in 1969 although is undergoing refurbishment. It is 47m above the sea level and will have 5 of the 64 world cup matches played here.

Estadio Beira-Rio

Estadio Beira-Rio Stadium

The surrounding climate is chilly with about 10c as the lowest temperatures and 19c the highest in June and July.

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