Roy Hodgson Not Focused On The Poor Penalty History Of England

Roy Hodgson is not in support of penalties

Roy Hodgson doesn’t want to depend on penalties until the group stages are completed; Image By: Nick

Roy Hodgson who is the head coach of England national team has said that he is not in the support of penalties till after the group stages are completed during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He also insisted that he is not in the position to be the burden payer of the England players. Roy who is now 66 years old is optimistic that there will be no more injury cases at the premier league especially as the season comes to its climax.

Hodgson is also said to be naming his squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup this coming Monday. England national team is known to have a very miserable history of penalties that dates back into the Italia 90.

Hodgson’s team has to date only won 1 tournament through penalties out of 7. The England manager has however said that the penalty matter will be discussed into details only after his team qualifies in the knockout levels.

When he was interviewed, Hodgson said that the penalties issue bores him a lot and its discussion is scheduled only after a certain condition is met.

He however said that they won’t stop practicing a few during the training sessions although it has a negative attitude due to the history they have had for years now. He adds that getting into the penalties should be avoided at all cost so as to do away with this big problem.

Hodgson also appointed the team psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters whom he says has not been recruited with penalties in mind. He therefore said that if they lose or record victory through penalties, Peters will have nothing to do with this.

Roy also says that he won’t force the players in his squad to be meeting the psychiatrist when they will be in Brazil. Hodgson further added that he has a team of players who are open minded and very curios.

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