Robinho and Pato All Eying The Brazilian Squad For The World Cup

Robinho and Pato

Pato and Robinho

Brazil as it hosts the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it has to make sure that it performs extremely well. This is because they will be enjoying the home advantage in the upcoming summer tournament.

To be on the safe side, Brazil national team squad under the leadership of Luiz Felipe Scolari must be well and carefully selected.

With just about two months to the kickoff of the opening match between Brazil and Croatia, Robinho who plays in the forward position in AC Milan is really optimistic that he won’t miss out a chance to be part of Scolari’s squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The 30 years old international star has however had a very disappointing season as far as AC Milan club is concerned. He has to date just scored four goals in all the past matches as his club is 11th placed in the Serie A table of ranking.

Despite of all these setbacks, Robinho is still hopeful that he will represent his national team on the home ground not only as a sticker player but will be on the pitch. When talking to the Brazilian radio, he said that he believes he won’t just be the Panini album but in the real World Cup.

Robinho further said that he had done his best when he was a time awarded a chance to play for Brazil, his national team. On the other hand, Alexandre Pato the former striker at Milan had his first netting for Sao Paulo this last Thursday and now is eagerly ambitious that he will feature in the national team one more time.

When being interviewed by Globo Esporte, Pato said that he lifetime dream has always to play for his national team since he first received that call.

He too said that his focus is dedicated to Sao Paulo and the national team in mind too. He added that it was his role to ensure that he is back on track. He said that he will do his best to Sao Paulo with much expectations of being called into the squad.

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