Roberto Martinez Warns Against Putting Ross Barkley On Pressure

Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez is expecting something good from Ross Barkley in this world cup without putting pressure on him; Image Credit: Joan Bové (wikimedia)

Roberto Martinez who is Everton’s manager issued a caution against having a lot of expectation from Ross Barkley during the 2014 FIFA World Cup this coming summer.

Ross who was selected into England national team by Roy Hodgson, the manager is just 20 years old but his skilled have been compared to those of Paul Gascoigne by soccer experts. He is said to pull a surprise for England in the upcoming summer tournament.

However, Martinez says that the young star should focus on developing his career without receiving a lot of pressure and expectations as the next big thing for England. Martinez said that Ross got enough experience that has enabled him be featured in the squad for the world cup.

Martinez further says that it’s their responsibility to take care of those young players who go to the world with the intention of doing good for their home country, in this case Ross.

Martinez adds that by offering protection to the young Ross, they will be safeguarding the potential talent that is world class. He continues saying that he has been given time to do what he has planned for England.

Martinez said that Ross should not be expected to win world cup games single handedly since he is too young and requires assistance to some extent. Ross is one of the young superstars selected into the Hodgson’s squad.

The other youngstars include Alex Oxlande Chamberlin aged 20, Raheem Sterling at 19 and Luke Shaw the Southampton left back aged 18. Martinez adds that it’s upon the England fans and supporter help the youngstars have an experience that is positive.

He adds that the main action now is to make the young superstars be able to enjoy playing football and whatever the outcome, they should be appreciated and have that as the baseline. Ross Barkley has a total of 8 own goals and 1 assist in 29 appearances this current season.

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