Robben, Kuyt And De Jong Applaud Louis van Gaal On His Brave Decisions

Louis van Gaal

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal; Credit: Wikipedia

All seem to be well with Louis Van Gaal who is the head coach of Netherlands at the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Three of his own players recently praised the manager for enabling them make it to the semifinals of the tournament.

During the last match with Costa Rica which gave the Dutch team a place in the semifinals was one of the match in which Gaal’s perfect decisions were made. He managed to substitute the goalkeeper with Tim Krul who was able to save a total of two kicks from Argentina.

Arjen Robben is one of the players who have praised the manager saying that his has the best counter attacking skills when it comes to football. Robben said that this was just one of the many tactics that the boss can offer. He also added that his coach has the ability to change the outcome of each and every match.

When being interviewed, Robben said that Van Gaal is one of the best trainers they have and is known to bring magic to the team. The winger of Netherlands says that no one was aware of the decision the manager made in the last match apart from a single goalkeeper.

Dirk Kuyt is the other player who has got much hope in Van Gaal and says that he is the perfect man when it comes to managing the team as a whole. Kuyt says that it is very difficult to always have such like a man.

He adds that organizing the team to such a level is something that should never be underrated. Nigel de Jong who is the midfielder on the other hand says that Van Gaal is that kind man who has the team at his heart.

He says that the boss is hardworking and has been responsible for the tactical discipline of the whole team.

De Jong further says that the manager has got a lot of experience from the very many years he has spent at different teams just as it is on the resume. Van Gaal will leave the Dutch team at the end of the tournament to join Manchester United as the new coach.

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