Referees On The Final Lap Of 2014 FIFA World Cup Preparation

Referees for 2014 FIFA World Cup

South America and CONCACAF referees together with their assistants have been in Zurich which is he FIFA’s home city. There have been under a one week seminar that is aimed at preparing them to govern the 2014 FIFA World Cup that beginnings in the next two months.

Their counterparts from Asia and Europe held their preparation seminar early much at this same venue, Zurich.

The second batch seminar which run from 7th April had a total of 16 referees and 27 assistants go through physical, medical and technical checks in order to determine their current health status.

To make sure that there was uniformity and consistency between the first collection and the second one, FIFA introduced video analysis as part of the technical training. The training also involved a new look towards the changing mentality in tactics.

It is on this basis that the referees were allowed to share their opinions concerning how best they understand the games. Mark Geiger who is a referee fro United States support the uniformity of all the referees who will be officiating the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He said that since they all come from different parts of the world, they have different styles of doing their thing. So FIFA’s work is to make sure that all these officials read from the same page. This means that the game will be subjected to the same refereeing style despite having different referees.

Massimo Busacca who is also the head Referee at FIFA was the one in charge of this great and intense seminar where both practical and theoretical sessions were held.

On the other hand, when Sandro Ricci was interviewed, he said that this was a very good move by FIFA and also a lifetime opportunity where he has learned to exchange ideas with his colleagues with the motives of making 2014 FIFA World Cup a success.

Busacca also emphasized on a very fair play for the referees plus total respect. He echoed the fact that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is being hosted in the country which football is the game of their heart thus referee should be careful not to ruin the enjoyful experience.

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