Philippe Coutinho Has Not Yet Given Up On Winning A Chance Into Brazil’s Squad

Philippe Coutinho In Brazil's Squad For World Cup

Liverpool’s Midfielder Philippe Coutinho is still hopeful to get a chance In Brazil Squad; Image Credit: Dean Jones

Philippe Coutinho who plays for Liverpool football club says he not yet given up on claiming a chance into the Brazil’s squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The former midfielder of Inter Milan has had a very a good season at Liverpool where he has been playing a role that is very pivotal as they aim to win the premier league title.

Brazil which is also the host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is very keen on the selection of the squad that will play in the world cup.

On the other hand, Coutinho has expressed his doubts of securing a chance into the 23 man squad for Brazil since up to date he has never received a call from Luiz Felipe Scolari who is the manager of Brazil national team.

When talking to Placar, Coutinho said that one of his objectives in his football career is Brazil and he has still not yet given up as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concerned.

Currently, Coutinho has only one cap which he won for his country back in 2010 and believes that Scolari has been keen on his form.

With 2nd June as the date set for the submission of the 23 man squad for each of the 32 teams that will be taking part in summer’s tournament, I am sure that Scolari is keen to come up with the country’s best players who may shock the world when it comes to the winning of the 2014 World Cup title.

It is with this reason that Coutinho believes he has done best to deserve a place into the squad. Coutinho adds that he knows his manager always keeps an eye on each and every thing that happens so he is quite sure that his performance must have been noticed by Scolari.

Coutinho expressed his happiness with the way he has settled at Liverpool since the English football is always fast and attack minded. He adds that several factors helped him settle at Liverpool and the most important among them all is that he was indeed received very well.

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