Phil Jagielka Makes A Comeback In Everton Vs. Manchester City Match

Phil Jagielka Is About To Return

Phil Jagielka, The Captain and Defender of Everton; Photo By: Wonker

Phil Jagielka who is the England’s defender was happy to be back on track when he played in the Everton match against Manchester City yesterday. Everton which is the team Phil plays for ended in a 3-2 defeat at Goodson Park.

Jagielka has been out of the pitch for some time due to an injury he was nursing since February this year. In the clash between Everton and Manchester City, Jagielka played a total of 66 minutes under the watch of Roy Hodgon who is England’s manager.

Phil’s comeback comes just at the right time as Hodgson is scheduled to name the England’s squad on 12th May.

In this squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Jagielka is expected to win a place due to playing for England regularly for some years now. During an interview, Jagielka said that despite him being a poor watcher, he was able to bide his time to make him fit.

He said that it was not an easy task at all but is happy he was able to play 60+ minutes after being out for almost 3 months.

The international star said that he will work more on his training sessions next week so as to get a bit longer next weekend. Jagielka said that after all this he will be hopeful to get a phone call from his national coach.

On the other hand, Ross Barkley who is the Everton’s midfielder impressed Roy after scoring the opening goal in yesterday’s match. However Jagielka said that Barkley’s performance cannot at all affect him.

Jagielka adds that despite Ross having showcased good performance, the decision whether he is on the plane to Brazil lies in the hands of Hodgson their coach.

Jagielka said that they have always advised Ross to get involved in games as much as he can and that is what was seen yesterday. Jagielka praised his tackling and the passes he made. Jagielka is hoping to win a place in the England’s squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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