Phil Jagielka Confident Of His Fitness For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Everton Captain Phil Jagielka

Everton Captain Phil Jagielka is hopeful to be fit before the opening world cup match of England

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup around the corner, Phil Jagielka is much optimistic that he will be 100% fit before the first match of the tournament. He is confident that he will play England’s opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Back in February, the Everton star who plays in the centre back position suffered a hamstring injury. This was during the premier league clash of Everton and Chelsea.

The injury caused a lot to the Everton player one being a miss out in the friendly match against Denmark that was played in the early days of March. The superstar aged 31 had to spend more than 2 months out of the limelight of his football club Everton.

He however made a comeback when Everton played against Manchester United about 3 weeks ago. This was a home match although Everton were defeated. During that match, Jagielka was able to play a total of 66 minutes and later the following weekend during the clash with Hull City, he played 910 minutes full time.

These are the only minutes Jagielka has been able to play in the past 3 months. Jagielka was present at the training camp of England last week and praises the session as it helped him most in terms of his fitness.

When talking to the FA media, Jagielka said that he is now fit for the opening clash between England and Italy on 14th June. He said that he is focused to build up and get ready for the Miami friendly that will be the last friendly before the Hodgson’s men fly to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In the 23 man England squad, Jagielka is the player who is much experienced and is planned to work with Gary Cahill to make the defence the perfect one.

Jagielka said that he is not guaranteed to be on the pitch this summer but is in a position that is better than he was some two years ago. He also says that being named the captain of Everton has helped him a lot. It has helped him sharpen his football skills.

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