Oscar’s Ambitions Set At Assisting Brazil Clinch The 2014 FIFA World Title


Oscar, midfielder of Chelsea and Brazil national football team; Image Credit: wikipedia hu

As Brazil will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament that starts on 12th June, Oscar who plays for Chelsea is much determined to help his national team win their sixth world cup title more so on the home soil.

The Chelsea superstar says that he will emulate the footsteps of their predecessors to end up being crowned as the champions in their homeland. Brazil is on target to win this title and this will be achieved through the young and talented superstars who will be representing the country at this global summer tournament.

The team will be enjoying the home advantage at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and all they need to know is maximize on this great opportunity. Oscar is much optimistic that Brazil as a team have the potential to deliver and join their legendary figures of 2002, 1994, 1970, 1962 and 1958.

He says through his book, Oscar’s Brazil, that they can only be good as the previous generations if they can be able to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Kaka and Ronaldinho are the only players who have played for Brazil at the world cup and even won.

Oscar praised the above players for the job well done. Oscar further said that those players who have not won the world cup are Julio Caesar and Robinho. He also admits that the Brazil boss, Luiz Felipe Scolari has lead the country to the world cup and also won.

When it comes to the confederation cup, Oscar says that it seemed to be a surprise on how the whole team was united. He says that the players however did not seem to be surprised as much as the fans.

Oscar says that his team has been working extremely hard and are determined to pull a surprise at the summer tournament. He adds that he is confident of the support from the whole Brazilians. Oscar also admits that the current team lacks the kind of superstars Brazil had in the past generations.

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