Neymar Leads Brazil In A 4-0 Victory Over Panama In A Friendly Match

Brazilian Striker Neymar

Brazil Won The Friendly Match Against Panama where Neymar scored the first goal at 27′; Credit: ja.wikipedia

On Tuesday 3rd June, Brazil secured a 4-0 victory when they played Panama during the friendly match which is part of the preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Neymar is the superstar behind this great win as Brazil hosts the upcoming summer tournament with the aim of clinching their sixth title. The young superstar displayed the best of his football skills when he converted a free kick that ended up to be a score made by Hulk.

Neymar was part of every dangerous moved made by Brazil at Estadio Serra Dourada. The young and talented player scored the first goal after curling a free kick that left Oscar McFarlane the goalkeeper of Panama with nothing to defend.

This was even before the game was half an hour underway. During the second minute, the 22 years old superstar made a pass past Baloy but it was too much for Fred to make it useful for Brazil.

The second goal was scored by none other than Dani Alves who made a strike far from the box giving no chance to the Panama goalkeeper. After an interval, Neymar was still on the run putting his team to the right order.

He had a back heel that turned to be excellent making Hulk to net much easily. The third goal was scored by the forward play of Saint Petersburg with no much struggle. Later on Neymar caused issues for Panama in the penalty area with Willian who is the midfielder of Chelsea almost scoring.

With this friendly match results and performance, it shows that Brazil are indeed in good form for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It also depicts the fact that Neymar is ready to lead Brazil into the summer tournament that kicks off this month.

Brazil will be facing Croatia in their opening match on 12th June 2014 and are in group A with Mexico and Cameroon too.

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