Michel Platini Not Surprised By The 2022 Qatar World Cup Corruption Allegations

Michel Platini

Michel Platini, president of UEFA; Credit: Altahrir.com

Michel Platini who is the president of UEFA alleges that the media such as newspaper are involving him in the corruption claims around the 2022 Qatar World Cup and hence tarnishing his image.

Daily Telegraph is one of the newspaper that claims Platini held several meetings with Mohamed Bin Hammam secretly after Qatar was awarded the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Bin Hammam is a man who has been the center of all the corruption allegations as far the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting is concerned. In the newspaper, it was reported that Bin Hammam lured Platini for the support of Qatar’s bidding personally.

On the other hand, the officials from the Qatar Bidding committee have not accepted any form of corruption acts. They do say that Bin Hammam who is the former vice president of FIFA had no role be it official or unofficial in the whole bedding process.

Mr Platini has also emphasized that there were no outdoor meetings that were held between him and Bin Hammam. Platini says that he is not surprised with the way his image is being tarnished through rumors that are spreading like fire especially at this time as far as the future football is concerned.

Platini adds that all this cannot at all surprise him. He further says that at times when you hold meetings with the executive committee members of FIFA, lots of conspiracy may always arise.

Platini says that he and Bin Hammam have been part of the FIFA Executive committee since 2002 and in 2010 they did met on several occasions. He do says that all they were conversing was the FIFA presidency issues.

He says that Bin Hammam even had tried to convince him be part of the presidency candidates in the elections that took place in 2011. Platini was the only member from the FIFA executive committee who publicly announced that he had cast a vote in favour of Qatar.

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