Martinez Believes Ross Barkley Is Ready For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Roberto Martínez Thinks Ross Barkley Is Ready To Play

Everton’s Manager Roberto Martínez Is Signing a Fan’s T-shirt; Photo By: Dan Farrimond

Last Saturday, when Everton played against Manchester City, Ross Barkley was the player who scored the first goal for Everton. This goal has generated many opinions more so when it comes to England’s squad that is to be unveiled in one weeks’ time.

Ross showcased the best of himself in the weekend’s match although his team Everton lost 2-3 to Manchester City. Roberto Martinez is one of the persons that are backing Ross for the places in the 23 man England’s squad.

Martinez says that he is confident with Ross Barkley since he seems to be ready for the upcoming summer tournament in Brazil. Ross who is 20 years of age seem to be on the course to book himself a place into the plane to Brazil.

Roberto Martínez says that Ross is young and energetic player in England. He adds that Ross a curling and wonderful effort when he made an opening score.

Martinez believes that when the England’s coach, Roy Hodgson makes a call to Ross, he will be definitely ready for the task ahead of him.

Martinez further said that Ross Barkley has the very unique qualities that even no one else in the England’s squad has and therefore believes he is too good for England not leaving him out.

Martinez continues saying that the best thing with Ross is that he is always ready to embrace anything that will come his way and will be fazed by nothing. Martinez says that it is their responsibility to look after him.

Roberto Martínez also says that when Ross will miss a place into the squad, he will have enough time to regenerate during the summer holiday. Martinez adds that he has a lot of respect for Roy Hodgson and will believes what he will have to decide will definitely be right.

Martinez adds that Ross is going to be the very terrific news for Everton and even the English Football at large.

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