Luke Shaw: 2014 FIFA World Cup Is Still Too Far

Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw, defender of Southampton

Nothing gives greater joy than being given a chance to represent your own country in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Lots of international players wait for this great opportunity to come especially when given that chance to be part of the squad that will play in the World Cup tournament that records a very high turnout.

With just less than two months to the day the 32 teams will be unveiling their 23 man squads, lots of players are doing their best in order to not miss out of this lifetime opportunity.

Luke Shaw who currently plays for Southampton as a left back gave support to his counterpart Ashley Cole to be part of England’s 23 man squad for Brazil come 12th June.

Shaw who is 18 years old says that Cole has nothing to prove as far as Roy Hodgson selection is concerned. Shaw, Cole and Leighton Baines have appeared to all eying the two places in England’s 23 man squad.

The three have international honors as left backs. Shaw on the other hand says that as the premier league nears its peak, it becomes bit crucial for him to manage going to Brazil. He further said that he has in deed learnt a lot from the game type that Cole plays.

When talking to The Sun, Shaw said that Cole winning a total of 107 caps for his country, a lot of fans and supporters not what he is capable of doing.

Shaw said that he watched the Chelsea defender closely at Stamford Bridge since he, Cole, play the same position as Shaw. Shaw further insists that Cole has the best left back in the world for a total of 10 years now and still holds that title to date.

He also added that despite people’s claim that he had a poor start of the season at Chelsea, he believes that Roy who is the head coach will not have that in his mind as he makes the selection of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Squad.

Shaw seem to have drawn his all concentration the Premier League campaign and does not at all allow to be carried away by the world issues. He says that the remaining five games are so critical and has to time to focus on the tournament that is still far away.

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