Lukas Podolski May Pull A Surprise For Germany In The 2014 World Cup

Lukas Podolski will pull a surprise in Brazil World Cup

Joachim Low believes Lukas Podolski will pull a surprise For Germany In The 2014 World Cup; Photo Credit: Wikimedia

When the 2012 Euro Championship came to an end, there were lots of concern about Lukas Podolski future career more so with Germany national team. This is because in a total of 18 months, the Arsenal star had only scored two goals for his national team.

Thereafter, Podolski’s performance has been derailing more so after he missed a total of 4 months of the season at Arsenal football clubs.

However, the Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger has put the player into a very good form and is now expected even to shine in the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. Germany is that national team with attacking players that are world class, the majority of them who outsmart Podolski.

Talk of Marco Reus who has been showing the best of him in the previous matches. Ozil on the other hand has enough experience as from 2009 as the attacking star of Germany. Thomas Muller who netted five times in the 2010 World Cup is expected to do great for Germany.

Podolski despite having goalless season still impress Joachim Low, the coach of Germany. Low always refer to Podolski as the indispensable. Many have now forgotten the impact Podolski can ever have when playing.

The Arsenal star has some of the best qualities that can’t be matches with any Germany player. Talk of his shooting power, very perfect. Podolski has also worked with Ozil and formed the best chemistry between themselves.

Podolski has enough experience when it comes to international games since he has played for Germany twice at the World Cup. He therefore understands the kind of pressure and magnitude expected when playing o the international stage.

With this going to be his first world cup since joining Arsenal, the superstar is expected to shine. Although he may not be the match starter in Brazil, Podolski will pull a surprise in Brazil.

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