Luis Suarez Optimistic That His Team Will Outdo Roy Hodgson’s Men

Liverpool Striker Luiz Suarez

Luiz Suarez, striker of Liverpool and Uruguay national football team believes his team can beat Roy Hodgson’s squad in the 2014 fifa world cup; Photo By: Global Panorama

Luis Suarez, a Liverpool player who finished the 2013/2014 premier league as the best scorer is very sure that his national team Uruguay is in the position to outdo England during the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is just 22 days from today.

Uruguay are in group D with England which is said to be their main rival. The Suarez side will face England under the leadership of Roy Hodgson on the 19th day of June in Sao Paulo. Suarez is determined to lead his team in securing victory by beating Hodgson’s team.

The Liverpool player has this winning feeling against England since he is not a stranger with the squad. Most of the players that were selected in the 23 man squad for England are the teammates of Suarez.

When he was being interviewed by Perform, the Uruguay superstar said that the England squad is made up of very good players that are fit for the world cup. He also said most of them play for big teams mostly in the Barclays Premier League and all this means a lot when you talk about the England team.

However, Suarez said that the England national football team has some shortcomings which when they take the advantage of those problems, they will definitely make Hodgson’s men sweat. Luis Suarez said that Uruguay may pull a great surprise.

He said that it may be a repeat of the 1950 FIFA World Cup when Uruguay lifted the title from the hosting country Brazil in the final stages of the tournament. With this as a reference point, he said that the Uruguay team plus the supporters know how the 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil is important and what it means.

Suarez added that the past is very important although they are living in the present. Suarez said that although they had displayed a very good performance, they were eliminated by Brazil in the 2013 Confederations Cup. Suarez finalizes by saying that they receive motivation and experience from the past as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is concerned.

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