Luis Suarez Injured But Won’t Miss The World Cup

Luis Suarez Injured

Luis Suarez has got injured, but he will play the 2014 fifa world cup; Photo By: Jimmy Baikovicius

Luis Suarez recently underwent a surgery on his knee though it was a minor type of operation. He has however not been excluded from taking part in the 2014 FIFA World as it was announced by the Uruguay Football Association yesterday.

All this happened when Suarez was in the training session with his teammates as part of the preparations for the upcoming summer tournament. The decision to have him undergo the minor surgery was after the MRI scan was carried out.

After the a half an hour operation, Luz Suarez will be out of the limelight for some weeks to make him recover and the officials from Uruguay do believe that their superstar will be fit for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Uruguay will be having their opening match on June 15th when they clash with Costa Rica and four days later play against the Roy Hodgson men In Sao Paulo City. Wilmar Valdez who is the president of AUF said that Suarez’s condition is not a cause of alarm since he will be back into the training sessions just after a fortnight.

When being interviewed by LA Ovacion newspaper, the AUF president said that the operation went on successfully and is expecting that the superstar takes minimum time to recover.

The president went ahead to say that they had less time to make the reactions and had not known how extent the injury had gone thus were not able to involve the public on the very same day Suarez suffered the injury.

He said that it now their mandate to make calculation of the matches Suarez will take part although he is expected to be fit before their opening match kicks off. He adds that the superstar means a lot to the national team and has been in the god form this season at his club, Liverpool.

He ended the season with a couple of awards for being the top scorer in the bar lays premier league. He scored a total of 31 goals in the league matches.

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