Luis Suarez Gives Hope Of Not Missing In Uruguay’s Squad For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Luis Suarez is fit for the world cup

Luis Suarez’s condition is almost OK and he gives hope that he will not miss the 2014 Fifa World Cup

After suffering a knee injury during the training session that resulted into a minor operation, Luis Suarez who is a striker at Liverpool is in the process of recovery from the surgery.

However, Uruguay officials have remained calm when it comes to commenting on whether the superstar will be totally fit to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is about two weeks since Suarez underwent a surgery and has now joined the rest of the teammates in the training session.

Suarez is scheduled to continue with his rehabilitation programme for the whole of this week aimed at keeping his physical mental state fit. 15th June is the day Uruguay will be playing their opening match against Costa Rica and 4 days later play against Roy Hodgson’s men in Sao Paulo.

The team will play Italy to finish their group matches. Dr Alberto Pan who is the medic of Uruguay said that Suarez is not bound to any reason as to why he should miss the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Pan while in Montevideo said that the international player is working according to the drafted plan and after the first 10 days from the surgery, he has been able to record a positive progress.

Pan said that making it into the training session with the rest of the squad is a great undertaking. Pan further said that they will be increasing the time for his rehabilitation day in day out so as to make him recover very fast.

The team medic said that he is not rushing the rehabilitation of Suarez and he first have to gain an experience that is positive with the smaller load before they think of moving an extra step forward.

Pan adds that the nature in which Suarez is in always gives them hope that they have him in the summer tournament. Pan says that Suarez’s both physical and psychological conditions are the best for his recovery processes.

This report therefore gives a hint that Luis Suarez is still in the Uruguay squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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