Kevin Mirallas Will Be Fit For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Kevin Mirallas

Kevin Mirallas, Belgian Professional Footballer; Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Kevin Mirallas who is a winger in Everton football club said that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will kick off when he has fully recovered from his injury.

Mirallas suffered a groin tear during after recording a 2-0 victory over Manchester United in a Premier League match last weekend. Mirallas who is now 26 years old is also a Belgium international team player that will be participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

It was initially feared that the former Olympiacos player had a serious problem but it is now confirmed that he will be in form come June. Mirallas will however miss the remaining part of the season.

When he was speaking to RTBF, a TV station in Belgium, Mirallas said that he once thought it will be impossible for him to participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

That was back in England and says he was relieved when he redid tests while in Belgium. He further confirmed that 3 to 4 weeks is the time period that he will be out.

With a few treatments to follow, Mirallas said that he will work well and make sure he will be in Brazil. The international star is now in the rehabilitation process under the care of Lieven Maesschalck who is working with him.

Although Mirallas wanted to finish with Everton in the champions league he is happy that the injury didn’t happen three weeks to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. On the other hand, Mirallas said that he is delighted with Adnan Januzaj making a decision to play international for Belgium.

He however believes that the 19 year old Manchester United winger won’t secure a place in the 23 man Belgium squad that will be playing in the World Cup this coming summer.

He added that Januzaj still need to prove that he is the first place priority at his club. Mirallas advised Januzaj to eye the 2016 Euros.

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