Joe Hart Focused After A Replacement By Costel Pantilimon At Etihad Stadium

England's goalkeeper Joe Hart

Joe Hart, the goalkeeper of England National Football Team and Manchester City; Credit: wikimedia/

After having a great season with his club Manchester City, Joe Hart has admitted that he has been able to learn a lot of lessons that are valuable. He also said that his focus is to keeping the hard work spirit burning in him so that he will never slip.

After having performances that were disappointing, Hart was spelled out of the club and Costel Pantilimon brought in by Manuel Pellegrini. Later Joe Hart was recalled and was in front of the campaign that saw Manchester City lift the Barclays premier League title.

What this now means that as Hart goes to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he is Roy Hodgson‘s most favorite player. The impressive performance was also showcased when England won 3-0 after playing Peru in a friendly match last week Friday.

The England superstar says that the experience that he learned at Etihad stadium is the one responsible for his humbleness. He said that his attention had been directed to getting back to the club, Manchester City.

Hart further says that there exist lots of good goalkeepers across the globe and insists of learning a lot from this just ended season. Hart says that Manchester is a very good club made up of three goalkeepers that are great.

He says that he is now in the England squad that consist of close to 6 goalkeepers to select from. He therefore says that he has to work extremely hard so that he convinces Roy Hodgson who is the manager that he has the qualities he is looking for in the no. 1 player.

He however said that he is not mandated to feature in every game of either England or even Manchester City. Hart believes that if your skills keep on dropping then there is always that player who will replace you and it applies both at the club and country level.

When asked about England and the world cup, Hart said that they are getting all that is required in action and also accepting the recommendations from their boss, Roy Hodgson.

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