Joachim Low, Has Confidence In His Team, Germany And Is Ready For Argentina

Germany coach Joachim Low

Joachim Low, Germany’s awesome coach; Credit: wikipedia

It is just less than 24hr to the start of the much awaited match. I am talking about the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament final in which German will be facing the South American team, Argentina.

Joachim Low who is the manager of German agrees the fact that Argentina who are their opponents seen to be even stronger than in the past tournaments it has taken part. Low says that their threat in Argentina is not only Lionel Messi who is also the captain of the team.

This is the fourth title the Germans are fighting for and the 54 year old boss seem to be shaky about this match. The last time in history when German secured victory over Argentina was in 1990 world cup that was held in Italia.

Low therefore says that in order for them to win this match and clinch the title, they have to exploit their full potential. The Argentina boss during an interview said that he does not fear their opponen5sv since he do believe that the squad in place has the potential which when well used and tapped will led to the win of the match.

However, Low admits that Argentina are much stronger than they are four years ago especially when it comes to their defense. He adds that the team is more organized and procedural in its undertakings.

Low says that all that is necessary now is a win and his team has the confidence of writing into history. Their morale is also boosted from the last match they played and hammered the host team seven goals to one.

This seemed to be the peak of their good performance since the tournament started. The team that is based in Europe is the favorite as far as winning the today’s match is taken into consideration however, Low says that even if they fail to clinch the title, his team will forever remain in history for a good performance in this year’s tournament.

Low sees future in his team and believes that this is not the toughest challenge he has faced in the whole tournament. The challenges were in the round of 16 as they had to win over the favorite and big teams to make it to this level.

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