Jeffrey Schlupp, Leicester City Player Eying The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Jeffrey Schlupp

Jeffrey Schlupp Is Eying The 2014 FIFA World Cup; Photo Credit: Eser Karadağ

In less than 50 days, we will, be having the 2014 FIFA World Cup kickoff. This is one of the event where almost every player dreams to take part.

Jeffrey Schlupp who is a player at Leicester City is with much hopes to end the season in a special way that is securing a place in the Ghana’s squad for the World Cup. At Leicester, Schlupp has in deed played a role that is very instrumental.

He has led the club to win a promotion back into the Premier League. It is due to his good performance that the Ghanaian star is expected to be featured in the 30 man provisional squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup which is scheduled to take place in Brazil.

Kwesi Appiah who is the coach of Ghana is said to be moved by Schlupp through his performance. The 21 years old star is also versatile as he can play several position which it turn makes him reliable.

It is for the above reasons that all of his fans are optimistic that Schlupp won’t miss in the squad for the World Cup. Schlupp has to date made one appearance for his national team and said that he is hopeful to win a chance of making that Brazilian trip.

When Schlupp was interviewed, he said that he has spoken to Appiah his national team coach not ones and promised to keep an eye as far as he, Schlupp, keeps on playing. He said that Appiah was impressed ever since his first cap back in 2011.

Schlupp said that the world cup has in deed come at a time when he is having regular playing more so in a tea that has won a promotion. He said that thing do happen hence he has his fingers crossed on this.

Schlupp said that with friendly matches at the end of this month, he will again talk to Appiah and find out his take.

The star however missed in the midweek win when they faced Bolton after getting a knock injury when they were playing QPR last weekend. However the injury is not that worrying and is expected to face Hudderdfield this Saturday.

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