I Support Revoting In case Of Proven Corruption In 2022 World Cup Bid, Says Platini

UEFA President Michel Platini

Michel Platini wants re-voting of 2022 Fifa World Cup Bid; Credit: wikimedia commons/soccer.ru

Michel Platini who is the president of UEFA says that after voting for Qatar in the bidding process of the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting there is nothing to regret about. He also said that in case it is proven that there were corruption acts in the whole bidding process, then there should be a revote process and Qatar subjected to sanctions.

Platini has been the centre of the media as far as the Qatar’s bidding is concerned. He is alleged to have been among the official to whom Mohamed Bin Hammam paid a lamp some amount of money.

All this is said to have been aimed for Qatar to winning the bidding process. Platini said that this is a plot to tarnish his image more so as the chief officer of UEFA, something that has hurt him most. When being interviewed by L’Equipe newspaper, Platini said that voting for Qatar was the best decision he made for both the world cup and FIFA.

He however says that if any proven form of corruption is noted then a new bidding process should be done. He said that the allegations and attacks he has been receiving over this issue is planned by someone.

He says that he feels that someone is behind all this. Platini said that football is what always run in his mind. He also said that he can’t blame it to FIFA since there are no proven evidences in support of this.

Platini further said that there are very many people who have ambitions to ever be at FIFA come one day in the near future. He also said that there may be other parties such as those responsible for the buying and selling of TV rights who want the 2022 World Cup awarding process to be reviewed.

He adds that it is as if he is the one upsetting all these people. He says that the attack strengthens him and improves on his determination. He further said that not at all shall he be affected by the attacks when it comes to decision making.

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