I Am Comfortable With Any Role Given By Roy Hodgson, Says Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney to play any role given by roy hodgson

The English Football Superstar Wayne Rooney; Credit: wikipedia es

Wayne Rooney who is the forward player of England is much excited with the 2014 FIFA World Cup and says that he will be very much comfortable with any role given by Roy Hodgson the manager.

In the recent days, the position that Rooney plays best has been under debate has been all over. He has however in many occasions been deployed to the left attacking side especially during the friendly matches England has been playing.

Paul Scholes who happens to be the former player of Manchester United questioned as to whether Rooney had to be given a selection that is automatic for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Rooney came into the limelight in 2003 when he was just aged 17years though has not had a successful world cup for all these years. Rooney himself said that he is very much comfortable with playing in the central positions.

He however says that he needs to adapt since the likes of Rickie Lambert and Daniel Sturridge are the superstars who will be gracing the central roles. Rooney says that for many years in his football career, he has been playing in the central positions.

Rooney says that the side to which he will be assigned by Hodgson, he will play. He said that moving from the left wing cannot make him quit playing for England. He adds that wherever he will be asked to play, he will take up the role and is happy with that.

The Manchester United superstar star said that he at rest now that he has jetted to Brazil with no major injury. The past two world cup have not gone well with Rooney who has suffered major injuries that were big blow to his football career.

During the last three friendly matches of England, Rooney has been among the starting XI and he is very happy since he feels more fit for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Rooney has also been part of the training sessions of England and is hopeful to perform extremely well.


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