Hodgson Says He Can’t Stop His Players At Manchester City From Travelling To UAE

Roy Hodgson Cannot Stop His Players

Roy Hodgson cannot stop his players from travelling to UAE for a friendly match this month; Photo Credit: Nick

England is among the 32 national teams scheduled to fight to the win of the 2014 FIFA World Cup as from 12th June. With less than 40 days to the first match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, England is in the final preparation of the squad that will travel for the tournament this coming summer.

However England’s coach Roy Hodgson has said that he cannot stop the players of England who are scheduled to travel to United Arab Emirates for a friendly match this month.

Hodgson will on the 13th of May name the provisional squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup a week to the scheduled pre-tournament to Portugal on 19th May.

Hodgson has made a request to all the premier league clubs to free the England’s players so as to have an intervening week but Manchester City is having a friendly on 15th May when they travel to UAE.

Some of the players that are most likely to be affected by the above schedule are James Milner who is a midfielder and Joe Hart, goalkeeper.

Hodgson says that he sent a letter via FA paper to all the clubs where he gave out their programme informing them to take into considerations his intentions. Hodgson wants his payers to be freed in advance that is before the last game of the season.

He however says that as a coach, he has no control over decisions made by the clubs. He said that his part as a coach has already been done.

Hodgson adds that it is necessary to have the players relax and clear the clubs’ activities off their minds in the preparation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He says that they have to all be focused on the winning of the world cup title which can only be achieved through earlier preparations and training. Roy Hodgson insists that he has no control over what the clubs will have to say especially Manchester City that is travelling to UAE.

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