High Chances For Raheem Sterling Being Among The Starting XI In England’s Opener

Liverpool 's Midfielder Raheem Sterling

There is a high chance for Raheem Sterling to be in the opening squad of England; Photo By: Inge Knoff

Raheem Sterling seem to have caught a lot of attention from Roy Hodgson, the England Manager. It is due to his good performance showcased before that making Hodgson not to leave him out of the starting XI players in the opening match of England against Italy that will be played next week.

Raheem did not play for England in their final friendly match against Honduras that was played on Saturday 7th June. This is after he was given a red card during their friendly against Ecuador that was played on Wednesday.

The England manager had issued a caution to Raheem concerning the opening match after he received the red card. The suspension had reduced the opportunities of Raheem being featured in the team that will face Italy on 14th June.

However, Raheem has showcased the best of his football skills during the training sessions with his team changing the heart of his boss. Hodgson said that Sterling’s response at the camps have been positive and excellent.

Hodgson says that some of the moves that Sterling made at the training session were just fantastic. Hodgson admits that Sterling is that player who is unstoppable. He said that Sterling was among the starting XI in the Honduras friendly but it was disappointing to find out that he could not play.

Hodgson however confirms that the suspension won’t affect him in the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The England boss says that Sterling is a player who have that talent that is exceptional and his skills are much needed for England to face its opposition.

Hodgson gives credit to Steven Gerrard who has been with the player since that time he was given a red card in the Wednesday friendly. Gerrard also encouraged Sterling not to be affected a lot by the suspension he received.

Sterling seem to have taken the advice of his captain positively thus his excellent response at the training sessions with his teammates.

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