Grenier And Ribery To Miss The 2014 World Cup Due To Injuries

Clement Grenier and Franck Ribery

Clement Grenier and Franck Ribery will miss the world cup due to their injuries: Credit: Wikipedia

Clement Grenier a midfielder at Lyon and Franck Ribery who plays in the winger position for Bayern Munich are the players that missed out in France’s squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The duo players have received a replacement from Morgan Schneiderlin and Remy Cabella who play for Southampton & Montpellier respectively. This was announced by Didier Deschamps who is the manager of France during a press conference that was held before the final squad jetted to Brazil.

Ribery was suffering from a back problem and failed to prove his fitness for the 2014 FIFA World Cup during the team’s training sessions. On the other hand, Ribery was nursing a thigh injury that made him miss a lot of training sessions for France.

Deschamps made it even worse by announcing the fate of the two players who will therefore not be part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Deschamps at the conference said that Ribery had undergone several test scans that confirmed the severity of his injury that will see him be out for several weeks.

This in turn showcased the unavailability of the player for the summer tournament. Deschamps said that Grenier had been suffering from a groin problem that saw him miss the big part of the season at Lyon.

The France boss said that after having Grenier had a normal training session on Wednesday but suffered a pain attack on Thursday afternoon. The MRI scan that were done on Grenier confirmed that he was going to be unavailable for a couple of weeks thus not in position to play for France.

Deschamps said that the medical documents were sent to FIFA and they made decision as a team to replace the duo. The France boss says that the player that replaced Grenier and Ribery were present on the reservists list and have the same qualities as the injured duo.

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