Frank Lampard Is The Official Vice-Captain For England At The World Cup

Frank Lampard

Chelsea’s midfielder Frank Lampard has been declared as the vice-captain of England for the 2014 world cup; Photo By: Ronnie Macdonald

It is now a week since Roy Hodgson, the manager of England unveiled the 23 man squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a total of 7 standby players. Frank Lampard who is part of the 23 man squad was confirmed by Hodgson as the vice-captain of England at the summer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Lampard who is aged 35 has been a captain of England in a total of 6 occasion and is scheduled to take over if Steven Gerrard, the current captain won’t be fit to play in the summer tournament due to an injury or even a suspension.

Lampard this last season did not do a lot for the team he plays, am talking about Chelsea. In fact it was rumored that his place in the England national team squad was under threat. Lampard has received lots of praises from his manager Hodgson who has said that the experience the Chelsea player has will be vital to the squad that is made up of youthful superstars.

Hodgson said that Lampard in his role as the vice-captain of England has been great and has showcased his brilliant ideas to the national team. Hodgson said that he always had Lampard in mind as far as the 23 man squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concerned.

He said a part from the experience Lampard has, the international star brings into the team a lot of great ideas and football skills. He said that Lampard is someone with leadership characteristics and qualities. Hodgson also said that his captain should use this upcoming tournament to clear his disappointment for not winning this season’s premier league title.

Roy says that he must now bring his attention to the world cup and leave behind the painful feelings of being closer and not winning the premier league title. Hodgson adds that Gerrard has a mentality that is very strong and will go over all these disappointments.

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