FIFA Wants Garcia’s Findings Discussed In The 11th June Annual Congress

Brazilian Governors For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazilian Governors For 2014 FIFA World Cup; Photo Credit:- Wikimedia

We are today counting only 51 days to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. FIFA which is the governing body of football and world cup games at large said that the investigations that are currently underway concerning the voting process of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting countries should come to an end before the annual congress which is scheduled to take place in Sao Paulo on the eve of the 2014 FIFA World Cup kickoff.

Over the past weeks, the chief investigation officer at FIFA made impromptu interviews with some of the committee members and FIFA Officials. The investigations are aimed at finding whether the 2010 elections were free and fair.

FIFA said that the investigation time period was enough for Michael Garcia to file the relevant finding so as to enable the football leaders from all parts of the world discuss the matter in the upcoming congress that will take place in Brazil rather than having them later this year.

Garcia on the other hand has not even displayed the signs that can depict he is on the rush. FIFA however said that by June, he could have gotten the necessary findings into this investigation process.

Some of the people who have been interviewed by Garcia were present and took part in the controversial 2010 elections. This happened during the visit that was unannounced in Zurich in March when FIFA Exco meeting was taking place.

The same investigations have received both positive and negative criticism. Angela Maria Villar Liona and Julio Grondona were some of the people who were not happy with Garcia’s investigations and wanted him out but there efforts didn’t not bear any fruits.

These all remarks have however not affected Michael Garcia as far as the investigation process is concerned. We hope to hear from him very soon.

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