Discipline Can Cost You, Prandelli Warns His Players

Cesare Prandelli

Cesare Prandelli, Football coach of Italy

Italy is one of the 32 teams across the world that met the qualification requirements for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Participation.

As we have less than 2 months to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Cesare Prandelli who is Italy’s coach has made it clear that the players’ place in the world cup squad will be cost by indiscipline.

He gave this as a warning as they are just few days remaining to the selection of players into the squad deadline. Prandelli this week selected a total of 42 players into a week full of fitness test aimed at preparing for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Mattia Destro who is the top scorer at Roma was not featured in that 42 man list. This is after his recent behavior that was termed unruly when playing for his club.

The Italian Football League gave Destro a ban for three consecutive matches after hitting in the face the player belonging to Cagliari earlier this month during the Serie A match. Prandelli during an interview said that certain actions by his players were not at all appealing to him.

He said that it is very important to have player that are representing the country in the 2014 FIFA World Cup be able to showcase high discipline code during the upcoming summer tournament.

He further emphasized that as even they come closer to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, not even a single minute will the code of ethics be compromised.

He said that those players who have no control over their behavior will have no choice but to remain at home as the rest travel to Brazil for this global event.

The coach also earlier this week said that he has already 18 player he thinks are best to be part of the 23 man Italy Squad but insists that a final decision on the squad has not yet been made.

Prandelli added that the 42 man list is where the final squad will be selected from unless an emergency occurs. Giuseppe Rossi is one of the player who have been included in the fitness list despite being sidelined after an injury on 5th January.

His coach says that it is his prayer that the 26 years old recovers both physically and physiologically.

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