David Beckham Optimistic That England Will Reach Latter Stages Of The World Cup

David Beckham

David Beckham, former English football player; Credit: Wikipedia

David Beckham who is the former captain of England is hopeful that his former team will be able to shine in the 2014 FIFA World Cup buy reaching the higher stages. He says that the team has a lot of chances to make it in the upcoming summer tournament.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup only 21 days from today, Beckham says that the England manager Roy Hodgson made the right decision to have players who are young into the 23 man squad.

He said that these youngstars have greater chances of taking England to the latter stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. During an exclusive interview, the former captain said that Hodgson did the best since he joined the England team as a manager. He says that though the job itself is tough, Hodgson is doing it in a great way.

Beckham said that Hodgson selected the players who were playing very well at their respective clubs which is a plus to the team. He adds that the youngstars have been playing in major leagues across the world this season and above all most of them recording good performance in the season.

He also said that since the players were playing on a regular basis, they won’t find it hard to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament. He said that having Gerrard as the captain is the best option moreover he has had a very good season at his club Liverpool who failed to clinch the season’s title.

He said that Gerrard is one of the players the youngstars will be totally will to play with and at the end pull some surprises. Beckham further said that being in a group with very big teams is an advantage to them since from the past they have been perform well among the big teams.

He said that the players have to be well prepared with humidity and heat which will be a factor during their first matches. Beckham also added that the players should not have fears when they end up at the penalties during the knockout stages. He said that the likes of Gerrard have showcased the best of their penalty skills this year hence no cause of alarm.

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