CSM, Aramark And FIFA To Provide Food and Beverage At The World Cup

2014 Fifa World Cup Food Suppliers

Official Food Suppliers During the 2006 Fifa World Cup; Photo By: Martin Belam

It is less than 18 days to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that will be held in Brazil. This is the injury time as far as ensuring that the 12 stadiums that will be hosting the 62 matches are ready for the task ahead.

The organizing committees are finalizing everything that is required so as to provide the fans that will be in attendance the best world cup experience ever.

The major element being given a lot of consideration is the provision of food and beverages at all the 12 city stadiums where the matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be played. FIFA together with CSM and Aramark who are the providers of food and beverage begun their campaign in February.

They aimed at recruiting a total of 12000 workforce that will play the roles of vendors, supervisors, cashiers and coordinators. They received a lot of applications and already done the interviews.

What is currently happening is the training phase to ensure that the selected personnel will be well prepared for the tasks that await them during the summer tournament. CSM and Aramark are targeting to have the permanent jobs where necessary.

The workforce that will take part in this programme will receive certificates that showcase their skills online and will be used for the future job applications. Thierry Weil who is the director of marketing at FIFA welcomed the 12000 members of the beverage and food programme to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He said that the workforce will play an important role in the delivery of enjoyable and smooth experience to the football fans from across all parts of the world.

FIFA has also completed the selection of the food and drinks that will be available for the fans on offers in each of the 12 city stadiums. The menu has been designed to benefit both the local and international football fans that will be in attendance.

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