Group C: Colombia vs Greece, Watch Live Online Streaming With Match Facts

Colombia vs Greece Live Streaming

Greece squad is ready to beat Colombian squad; Credit: Wikipedia

This is the fifth match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and will be played on 14th June at Estadio Mineirao located in Belo Horozonte. The clash will be between Colombia and Greece. The summer tournament is going to be the fifth world cup for Colombia ever played.

They in 1962 tournament showcased the best results ever by finishing the tournament in the 13th position. On the other hand, Greece have qualified for the world cup this being the third time. They were present at the 2010 FIFA World Cup that was held in South Africa and the other occasion back in 1994, 20 years ago.

Colombia vs Greece Match Details

Colombia vs Greece Match

Match Details:-

Colombia vs. Greece Live Stream

2014 FIFA World Cup Group: C

Kick Off: 12 pm ET

Venue: Estadio MineiraoBelo

Top Broadcasting TV Channels: ESPN, ABC, Univision, and CBC

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Match Preview: As they begin their 2014 FIFA World cup campaign, Colombia seem to be high in spirits. They are are much focused at at least making an impact in the summer tournament. Across all the playing positions, Columbia has what we can describe as quality players.

This is a team to never joke with. In the previous warm up matches before the start of the world cup, the South American based team secured a 3-0 victory over Jordan.

Jose Nestor Pekerman who is the manager of the team has got much confidence in his players as far as the summer tournament is put into consideration. With the top world class footballers, Colombia is getting into the world cup with a very big roar.

When we talk about Greece, there is some hesitation that will be felt into your heart. Of the 2 times Greece have been to the world cup, they have only managed to win a single game. However, the team is known for pulling surprises especially when it comes to this very big teams.

It surprised the whole world when in 2004 it clinched the Euro championship title. It has a very strong defense and scoring against them won’t be an easy task at all despite having strikers that are not the best.

In a total of 3 friendly matches that Greece played prior to the world cup, it managed to score a single goal. This opening match may be a wakeup call for Greece and defend against Columbia all the way to the 90th minute.

Key Players Of The Match: Colombia will rely more on the quality players it has since they are in plenty. However James Rodriguez and Fredy Guarin are the players who will play a very key role in this match. They will have to work to the efforts of Radamel Falcao who missed out of the selection due to a knee injury he suffered some time back.

The duo superstars will make the forward position active and lively. The two will bring great things to Colombia. There are also other players in the team that will be dependable in this match.

The best player that Greece can now pride of as far as this match is taken into considerations is none other than Konstantinos Mitroglou. He is a player who can really perform for his national team. The only cause of alarm is his minimal appearance at the previous matches due to an injury and other sicknesses he has been suffering from.

Head To Head Matches: In the world of football, the two team have ever faced each other once, a match in which Colombia secured a 2-0 victory against Greece.

Colombia is ranked in the 8th position by FIFA in the worls where as Greece is in the 12th position. The biggest win ever by Colombia is a 2-0 which is the biggest loss ever by their counterparts, Greece.

Match Prediction: In spite having a very strong defense, it will be very hard for Greece to defeat Colombia. Mitroglou will for sure not make a very big difference. The game will end in a 2-0 victory In favor of Colombia.

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