Cesare Prandelli, The Italy Manager Won’t Consider England Superstars Into His Squad

Cesare Prandelli To Avoid England Players In His Squad For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Cesare Prandelli says his squad will not have players from England; P.C:- Wikipedia

As Italy national team prepares for the unveiling of their squad that will travel to Brazil, Cesare Prandelli who is the head coach has said that his squad won’t consist of players from England.

These two teams will be on the opening fixture of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Prandelli who is the former manager of Fiorentina has also been thrilled by the efforts put in place by Roy Hodgson the England’s coach.

It is however required that the team managers submit their 30 man provisional squad to FIFA not later than 13th of May. Hodgson is however scheduled to unveil his squad on Monday.

The Italy coach has praised his counterpart, Hodgson by having good team of players that may bring surprise in Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World cup. This was during an interview with the Fox Sports.

Prandelli terms the players of Hodgson as being interesting and says that they are resistant and technical when their physical appearance is taken into consideration. He adds that the players are even strong thus a team that is very strong.

The Italy coach on the other hand said that he won’t select any England player into the squad that is determined to play in the summer’s tournament.

Prandelli continued expressing his admiration of the very young England players who have made good impressions more so in the Premier League which was not an expectation to many. Prandelli adds that he believes in his team which is also good.

He therefore says that his squad will consist of his own players. Prandelli who is 56 years of age will have his contract come to an end after the World Cup is finished. Prandelli is rumored to have a premier league eye on him.

Prandelli said that most of his colleagues that are abroad seem to have a smooth working relationship. He further says that the private life that the abroad coaches enjoy is awesome.

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