Brendan Rodgers: Steven Gerrard Won’t Be Affected By The Liverpool’s Disappointment

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard, midfielder and captain of Liverpool and England national football team; Photo Credit: Wikipedia

After Steven Gerrard being named into the England national team squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, his club coach Brendan Rodgers is optimistic that he will not carry the disappoints into the summer tournament.

Liverpool suffered a great disappointment when they failed to win the 2013/2014 Barclays Premier League Title.

Gerrard who plays for Liverpool was very much optimistic that they will be winning the premiership title this season but all went wrong when Chelsea secured victory when they played against Liverpool, in fact the goal scored by Demba Ba is responsible for all this.

After that loose they with no further argument paved way for Manchester City to win the title now for the second time. Fans all over blame Gerrard as being responsible for their downfall due to the slip he had during the match.

However Rodgers says that Gerrard will not be affected by the disappointments. As the captain of England, the Liverpool manager believes that his superstar will lead the national team to greater heights in the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup.

When he was interviewed, Rodgers said that Gerrard will have to reflect the good season they have had at Liverpool and will also be in position to know that he has been blamed unfairly on his slip during the Chelsea’s match.

The Liverpool boss says that the slip could have happened in any match. He adds that the previous wins they have secured were due to the good performance put in place and not Steven’s slip/mistake.

Rodgers further said that his player loves Liverpool and will be back next season even much stronger, he says that Steven is proud to be the captain of his national team and hence will bring all the best of him in the summer tournament.

He also said that Gerrard is that player who is very confident and all he is thinking now is his country, England.

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