Brazil vs Netherlands: 3rd Place Match Preview, Prediction, Live Stream

Brazil vs Netherlands live stream 2014 world cup

2014 FIFA Fan Fest During The Match of Brazil; Photo By: paulisson miura

The 63rd match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil will have the hosting team, Brazil play against Netherlands. The match which is also the playoff to determine the team in the 3rd position will be played on 12th July at Estadio Nacional, a stadium that is located in Brasilia.

GMT -3 is the official Brazilian time that the match will commence. Brazil lost in the semifinals to Germany and it was one of the embarrassing moments ever for the host to be defeated 7-1 by the Germans.

The team therefore is in the revenge agenda and also rekindle their lost pride through this match. Netherlands on the other hand lost to Argentina and will be using this match to rekindle their ambitions of not making to the finals. Expect the match to be very tough and competitive.

Brazil vs Netherlands: 3rd Place Match Preview

Lacking the support of Thiago Silva and Neymar really cost the South American and the hosting team, Brazil. It was next to impossible for the Brazilians to secure victory against the Germans without those key players.

However the Brazil fans and supporters did not at all expect what happened on 8th July. After being hammered 7 goals, the Scolari’s men could only manage to concede a single goal which came just a few minutes to the end of the second half.

This was the worst defeat ever for team Brazil and their dreams of lifting the 2014 FIFA World Cup title were shattered the Germans. Brazil however has not played to the expectation of the fans and supporters since this tournament started a month ago.

They won several games but with a very small goal margin. Many people expected that with the home advantage, Brazil could have performed even better than the previous years.

Under the leadership of Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazil will use this match against the Dutch team to restore their self-esteem that got lost in the last match they played. Being their last match of the tournament too, they will put in all the required efforts so as to win even with a very wide goal margin.

Netherlands on the other hand has been one of the teams with the likelihood to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup title. The team though has passed through many challenges and was determined for the finals stages of the tournament.

We can remember this team for being able to defeat the defending champions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Spain, in their opening match. They were able to hammer Spain total of 5 goals to 1. In the three matches, the Dutch team played at group stages, it managed to score a total of 9 goals that made them qualify for the knockout stage.

The team managed to make it to the quarter finals after defeating Costa Rica although in the penalties. After failing to win against the South American team, Netherlands will be facing the hosts to determine the team in the 3rd position. Expect a very competitive match.

Brazil vs Netherlands: Best Players Of The Match

Brazil will depend mostly on Silva who will make a comeback I this match. He is the player the team has depend mostly in this tournament and will be used to regain the bitterness of the match against Germany. Silva will work with David Luiz and Marcello among other players to secure victory.

Netherlands will have Robben as the key player in this match. The superstar has had a good time with the team since the 2014 FIFA World Cup begun. He will work in hand with Wesley Sneijder to make sure that they finish the tournament in the 3rd position. The duo players are reliable and will be the greates weapon of destruction in this match.

Brazil vs Netherlands: Head To Head Encounters

Netherlands and Brazil have played against each other a total of 11 times in the past years. 5 matches ended up in a draw while each team managed to secure victory three times.

Both Brazil and Netherlands managed to score 15 goals each hence making the total goals scored 30. This will therefore be the 12th times the two teams will be facing each other.

Brazil vs Netherlands: Match Prediction

From the previous matches, Brazil has not played to the level they were expected. They have a defense that is a bit weak when compared to that of the Dutch team.

Netherlands will keep on their fighting spirit even in this match. At the 90th minute, the score line will be 3-1 in favor of Netherlands.

Brazil vs Netherlands: Where to watch live stream online?

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