Benedikt And Draxler, The Germany Players Escape Narrowly In An Accident

Benedikt Howedes

Benedikt along with Draxler were involved in a car accident but they left the place uninjured; Credit: wikimedia/DerHans04

Two players from Germany national squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup that commences next month were involved in an accident. However, the car crash was not that severe and they are now back to their normal training sessions in readiness for the summer tournament.

Julian Draxler and Benedikt Howedes are the victims of the accident that ended with 2 civilians being hospitalized. The accident happened when the duo were participating in a Mercedes event.

They were having Nico Rosber the formula one driver and Pascal Wehrlein who is a professional touring player. Wehrlein avoided hitting the spectator who had walked to the track by having his car swerved.

With Draxler and Howedes as the passengers on board, they escaped the accident unhurt. Oliver Bierhoff, the boss of Germany said that the whole squad was in a rude shock of what may have happened to their teammates.

Howedes was able to offer a helping hand at the scene which he says is something that is unavoidable. He however says that the memories and images of the accident still remain fresh in his mind.

He says that after talking to the manager and other teammates, he has been able to receive help. The fear was because the 2014 FIFA World Cup was just around the corner and the duo Germany players are in the squad that will lead the campaign of Germany lifting the 2014 FIFA World Cup title.

On the other hand, Sami Khedira who is the midfielder of Real Madrid assured the fans that they had a talk with both Julian and Bene amongst other Germany players. Khedira said that the accidents are unpredictable hence they should put their focus on what is ahead of them.

On his twitter account, Rosberg said that he was in a shock over what happened and his concern is on the two civilians who were left injured. He did wish them quick recovery.

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