Ben Foster In Doubts To Whether He Will Play Any Game At The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Ben Foster

Ben Foster, goalkeeper of West Bromwich Albion; Photo By: Ronnie Macdonald

Ben Foster who is part of the England squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is undergoing training sessions aimed at preparing him for the upcoming summer tournament. He however knows that He may only play for England if Fraser Foster and Joe Hart suffer an injury.

The player despite this is much hopeful that he will play one of the games hence need for preparations. Foster who is the goalkeeper of West Brom was on an exile and Roy Hodgson after being confirmed the manager of England he called back the superstar.

Foster admits that he had put his first priority on family matters and at all suffers no regrets. He says that being part of England’s squad even if he is the third option is joyful. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the first international tournament for Foster to ever feature.

Foster said that after getting a call from the manager informing him that he was part of England’s squad, Foster’s dad, mum and other family members were very happy. He says that this is a lifetime opportunity that no one should never turned down. He says that the tweets, sms among other ways to express joy made him feel fantastic.

At the age of 31, Foster believes that this will be his first and last world cup to be part of because age is absolutely not on his side. Foster says that the two young children he has were the cause of him being out of the limelight for a while.

He says that the kids were all below a year and it was necessary that he be available for them. Foster says that they did affect his career since he was thinking about them wherever he was out playing. Foster further says that the decision he made needed courage and boldness.

He adds that he could do nothing about it hence people should not get him wrong. He also praise the England boss, Roy Hodgson on the way he was dealing with the issues affecting the players in his squad.

He adds that Hodgson is a manager who is kind and understands his players very well since they got personal life too which should not be neglected.

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