Beira Rio and Itaquerao Stadiums Undergo Test For The world Cup

Beira Rio stadium

Beira Rio stadium hosted a test match between Atletico Paranaunse and Internacional for the preparation of 2014 FIFA World Cup; Photo By: Copagov

The Local Organizing Committee, LOC and FIFA are in the last preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As far as the stadiums are concerned two stadiums have held test events for the readiness of the tournament that kicks off next month.

Beira Rio stadium which is located in Porto Alegre city accommodated a total of 35000 football fans who came to watch a clash between Atletico Paranaunse and Internacional which ended in a 2-1 victory in favour of Internacional.

This stadium is scheduled to host a total of 5 world cup matches. On the other hand, Itaquerao stadium that is located in Sao Paulo and has been constructed partially a total of 20000 fans were in attendance of a match exhibition that involved Corinthians players.

However next weekend is the scheduled time when a complete test will be carried on this stadium. The first goal to be scored at this venues was done by Rivelino who is a midfielder of Brazil and former Corinthians star.

This two stadiums, Beira Rio and Itaquerao, according to Jerome Valcke who is the secretary general of FIFA said that they are still a point of concern.

Another stadium that has to be given a lot of concerns is Curitiba’s Arena da Baixada and Arena Pantanal, a stadium that is located in Cuiaba, a wetland city.

Arena Pantanal is stadium where a worker during construction works passed on last week and is incomplete with just a month to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Beira Rio is now officially inaugurated though temporary structures are still under building.

Installation of 20000 seats that are temporary was ongoing when an exhibition was being carried out at Itaquerao stadium. The stadium is however scheduled to carry out its test event on 18th May where Corinthians will play against Figueirense.

The stadium will hold a total seating capacity of 70000 fans though only 50000 will be allowed during the test event.

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