Ashley Cole Optimistic To make It Into The England’s Squad For Brazil

Ashley Cole For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Ashley Cole, Player of England and Chelsea; P.C: Олег Дубина

With the latest performance that he has shown, Ashley Cole hopes that he still has chances to play for his national team, England. The 33 years old Chelsea player has for the past months been questioned whether he will win a place in the squad of England for the world cup.

This is because he spend most of his season on the bench at the Chelsea football club. However last week Cole showcased a very good performance when they played Atletico Madrid finishing in a draw and also a win against Liverpool.

Cole is said to have played a very major role in the Chelsea’s victory. On the other hand, Leighton Baines the Everton player is quiet sure to win a place in the 23 man squad for England under the leadership of Roy Hodgson.

Luke Shaw is working hard in order to secure that place as Cole is much hopeful to participate in 2014 FIFA World Cup. When he travels to Brazil then it will be the fourth world cup he is playing for his home country.

When talking to beIN sports, he said that he received a lot of pressure when it came to the fighting for his spot in England. He said that honestly everyone was aiming him to fail.

He said that those football fans that are real can be able to understand what he gives and brings to the team.

He added that they will be able to see his importance if given that opportunity to be part of the 23 man squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Cole said that indeed people were after his failure in the last week’s clash with Madrid.

Cole thinks that people have had enough of it after playing for the national team for a total of 13 years. Cole says that the likes of Luke Shaw and Baines have had a brilliant performance this season and thus have reasons to be part of the squad.

Cole said that he was absolutely lazy at the begging to an extend of not having his hear cut nor the beard.

This is because he lacks that person he can impress. He however says that if he makes to the plane to Brazil then he will have the beards off. Although people are total unconvinced that Cole won’t make it for the World Cup, he remains optimistic on this matter.

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